Installation competition “FOR THIS SITUTATION” 1st stage results

“The For-This-Situation Pavilion” invited participants to explore new ways of using repurposed  resources and bio-based materials to create a durable installation. The TAB 2024 Installation Programme Competition requested architects to imagine a public infrastructure that reuses materials from a local timber manufacturer (Thermory), second-hand material handlers and potential collaborators from quarries, forestry, waste management departments to create a community space that prioritises people, sufficiency and joy.

Laura Linsi and Roland Reemaa, curators of the TAB 2024 Installation Competition, explain

“We are very pleased with the positive feedback. We received some finite designs, while others envisioned open-endedness and relied on socially engaged processes. Materiality was very much in the foreground, mixing traditional and contemporary techniques and seeking timely new aesthetics that are inspired by alternative material sourcing. This obviously poses questions regarding the specific needs and qualities of the public site in Tallinn.”

This year TAB received 81 entries and selected 10 finalists. The winning project will be announced in July 2024.

ET LABORA (Oliver Hartley, Ben Rowe, Samuel Young; United Kingdom, London)

THE AGORA TALLINN (Alysher Sadikov; Latvia, Riga)

NO TIME TO WASTE (Matthieu Brasebin, Elisabeth Terrisse de Botton; Belgium, Brussels)

TECHNO VERNACULAR (Antonio De Paola, Antonio Seghini, Flavio Mancuso; Germany, Berlin)

STACKS OF BLABLA (Zixuan Luo, Bella Wu; USA, Chicago)

THE CLOUD (Liene Jākobsone, Manten Devriendt, Marija Katarina Dambe, Florian Betat; Latvia, Riga)

SILICATE DREAMS (Jurģis Prikulis; Italy, Treviso)

SOFTSITE (Amelyn Ng, Helen Runting, Rutger Sjögrim; Sweden, Stockholm)

THE LINK (Calin Crudu, Mirjana Jovic; Romania, Bucharest and Germany, Berlin)

BUNDLE SACK STACK (Erik E. Martinez; Mexico, Mexico City)