Tallinn Architecture Biennale: Resources for a Future

7th Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) will be titled “Resources for a Future” and curated by Daniel A. Walser, Zürich; Anhelina L. Starkova, Kharkiv; and Jaan Kuusemets, Tallinn.

TAB 2024 will be held in October – November 2024.

Photo: Krista Mölder

“How to think, design and build architecture with our resources will be the theme of this Biennale concept in Tallinn. We want to focus on different levels from architecture, typologies, building materials to the level of urban planning. The exhibition will have a world-wide perspective with a local base and call for action,” states the curatorial team.

Architecture needs to play a key role in future change. Hereby resources are one of the main factors in the future development of our planet. TAB 2024 explores architecture and urban planning in the perspective of resources. The exhibition will focus on different parameters of resources as building materials, typologies, orientation, and architecture to the level of urban planning and society. The exhibition will have a world-wide perspective with a local base and call for action.


Raising world global conflict imposes new tasks on architecture where architects could be left without the usual tools for conceiving architecture and left with a reduced amount of resources and extended space of social mobility, diversification, and changeability. How would we design in such future environment?

More and more architecture is taking a liberated and diversified wider public form. Mass architecture, to not disappear, will accept our resources by opening windows for many, transforming our profession. So what are the traces of such architecture that move forward into 99% of unseen, unpleasant, and hidden to revert and equalize?