Vision Competition Exhibition

CIRCULAR BLOCK: Reinventing the Mikrorayon


Poordi 3 fence

The opening of the exhibition will take place on September 8 at 13:00 at Poordi 3. The exhibition will be open until September 25.

This year’s vision competition examined the ability of architecture to convert waste into energy through recycling activities on both micro and macro scales, focusing on Lasnamäe, the largest district in Tallinn.  The competition received a total of 36 entries from around the world. 

At the exhibition all the most exciting entries will be presented.

The winner of the TAB 2022 vision competition “CIRCULAR BLOCK: Reinventing the Mikrorayon” was the project with the keyword DEC_LAANA.

The second and third places in the Lasnamäe-themed vision competition were won by entries with the keywords SNSN2022 (super neighbour) and Bio-edible Tallinn 2030, respectively. The jury noted an additional seven entries with the keywords VR751A60Generative Productive Module, 13553313, UNFNSHD01, Life_with_circular, 621919 and Nextdoor.

The designers and more detailed visions will be announced during the opening week of TAB 2022 in September.