Curatorial tour of the “EDIBLE” exhibition



Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum

An exclusive tour by curators to introduce TAB 2022 curatorial exhibition “EDIBLE”. Tour will give insight about TAB 2022 curatorial topic as well each installation which is presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition transfers the notion of metabolism – growth, decay, digestion, and nutrient release – from the natural world to the domain of cities and buildings. The main objective is to reimagine planetary food systems along with architecture’s capacity to perform  metabolic processes. 

The selected projects explore the principles of kinship, interspecies alliances, circularity, and localization. From new breeding practices, farming food waste, to synthetic growth and degrowth, EDIBLE aims to generate new visions and to raise critical questions on the rituals, practices and architectures that can emerge from the networks of food production, consumption, distribution, and decay.

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