Estonian Center for Architecture x TAB invites: Tour behind the closed doors of Linnahall




A unique excursion program created by the Estonian Architecture Center gives architecture enthusiasts the opportunity to peek behind the doors of Tallinna Linnahall, which is otherwise closed to the public.

Linnahall is part of a building complex that was built to host the sailing regatta of the XXII Moscow Olympic Games in Tallinn in 1980. The building was designed by Raine Karp together with Riina Altmäe and Ülo Sirp in 1976. It is one of the most prominent examples of Estonian Soviet-era architecture in Tallinn. Linnahall also received a lot of attention in 2020, being one of the most exciting filming locations in Tallinn for Christopher Nolan’s film TENET. In Nolan’s film, the building played the role of the Kyiv Opera House. The building charmed the filmmakers primarily with its monumental aura.

What is the history of Tallinn City Hall, what does the inside of the building where Nolan’s film was shot look like, and other exciting things can be heard already during the unique tour.

The tour lasts a total of 75 minutes, and the excursions take place in Estonian, Russian and English. Excursion dates are constantly being added! 🎟️ Regular ticket €12, discount ticket for students €8.

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