Photo Exhibition

From the Ground Up


Põhjala Tehas

Opening of the exhibition is on September 8 19:00. Exhibition is open until September 25

The Irish Embassy is pleased to present the exhibition From the Ground Up showcasing the innovative use of wood in Irish architecture. The exhibition is a collaborative project between Irish embassies, the Baltic States and the Irish Architecture Foundation. Unique examples of Irish architecture and design practice are displayed, highlighting the strengths and innovation of Irish architecture.

The audience is presented with leading Irish architectural and creative firms that have established themselves on the international scene over the past two decades. Irish architects are contributing to international discussions and ongoing social and environmental debates about the need for new methods in building technology, as well as social innovation and people’s lifestyles. Wood is the most versatile, renewable and sustainable natural resource out there. The exhibition raises awareness of wood as a material and the architects who have made it their mission to use it.

The buildings selected are intended for everyday use and include living spaces, work spaces, creative environments, educational institutions, places of leisure and buildings of worship. They best describe the design equivalent of current issues in the built environment around the world. It is through wood that notions like new building technologies, skill-based craftsmanship, sustainability, economical use of materials and tools, and general benevolence are explored.

The exhibition is curated by the Irish Architecture Foundation, with support from the Irish embassies in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The traveling exhibition will be moving from one Baltic location to the next until the end of 2022.